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  • NICHE: Software
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You possess an online business and of course, you have to have a landing page. Landing page is the must-have page that all online businessmen need to promote their business. I am not the exception. I have worked for a long time on the Internet as an online entrepreneur. I realize the importance of landing page with my business. Therefore, concentrating all of my effort on pushing the effectiveness of landing page is always on my mind. Working with landing page means we have to work with conversions. The element deciding the success of landing page is conversions. After a long time working there, I found many ways to increase the number of conversions for my landing page, but all of them do not work. Everything turns out to break down and fail to live up your expectation.

Luckily, IMConversion appears on time and save my business from death. IMConversion software is all I need right now. I tried it and decided to take it as the main tool when working with landing page. And really, it does not make me disappointed. After using it, my landing page starts working better. I never thought that I can do it one day. I am really surprised about what IMConversion can do. It is amazing. Because of that, I write this IMConversion review and hope that many people will know about this product and use it for their landing page. Increasing the sales of this product is all I can do to repay for its merits.


First of all, you have to know clearly about conversion. What is conversion and why we need increase conversion? In simple word, conversion is a rate measuring the effectiveness of a landing page. The more conversions the landing page has, the more effective it is. The high conversion means that our landing page works well to bring us many potential clicks and customers. We need conversion to ensure that we are doing the right thing for our business. We need conversion to ensure that our investment is going to the right place.
Because of that, IMConversion meet the demand of marketers, bloggers, and IMers AKA. It is a complete conversion toolkit suite at the heart of which lies an advanced click tracking solution. IMConversion comes with new-age click tracker and suite of conversion tools to help you take conversion rates on your landing pages to a whole new level.
You have to remember that it is not easy to raise the traffic of a website. Landing page is more difficult. Conversions of landing page must be real. Click on the link will lead directly to landing page. So, it could be said that IMConversion is one of the most valuable products of technology until now.



1. Click Tracker
A beautiful landing page will attract visitors easily. So, IMConversion helps you build an awesome landing page by providing you with pre-done templates. You can take these templates to design your landing page. These templates are designed by the professional designer of IMConversion so you can make sure about the quality. In addition, they are free. You have not to pay anything to use them. When designing, IMConversion has to ensure that they will meet the requirement of beginners and intermediate internet marketers. No matter who you are, IMConversion will meet your requirement completely. One new thing is IMConversion do not use bells and whistles; IMConversion will change them by core click tracking including short code with a choice of tracking domains, link cloaking, redirect mobile visitors to different URL, redirect visitors on the basis of their Country, Conversion Tracking and Retargeting Pixels.

imconversion review
2. Conversion Bars

IMConversion has a sticky horizontal bar which can be used to redirect visitors to the link you chose before or gets them to opt-in without setting any code. An overlay technology takes responsibility for calling actions. The conversion bar is fully customized. This means that you can change its design to your own color scheme and get it integrated with your autoresponder account in just a couple of clicks.

imconversion review
3. Conversion Pop-ups

Landing page which is seen as a popup can also be used. By this way, it is easy for us to gain clicks of audiences. For a hard, long time discovering, IMConversion decided to launch customers several beautiful themes and options for when and how the popup should be triggered: every page load, after some delay, via a button, or even exit intent. Conversion popups has the ability to redirect your users to a link of your choice or to drive more subscribers to your list. Conversion popup is integrated with major autoresponder services, setting these up is a breeze.

imconversion review
4. Countdown Timer

The IMConversion countdown timers can be embedded not only on your webpages, but also in your email promos. You can modify any timer in real time without having to copy or paste code every time you make changes. You can change the design of your countdown timers changing its theme. Themes are created already. More and more timer themes are updated each month to bring you more choice for your timer.

imconversion review

5. Pin-Point Accurate Analysis

One more function of IMConversion is capturing what happened on your landing pages from visitors to conversions, to widget loads. These data is helpful when you are finding the track for your landing page. After gathering, you are provided analytic equipment to make a research to find the best way to run your business. IMConversion is here to ensure that you can find the most suitable way for you.

imconversion review

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IMConversion is going to be launched in the next few days. A little more details can be revealed on 11th April. Dr. Amit Pareek and his partner Ritoban Chakrabarti worked for a long time to bring you this product. I hope that it will help you significantly in making your landing page work well. I got it and how about you? Believe me, believe in my IMConversion review and take this product right now.

imconversion review


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